surname viet given  name  nam

by Trinh T. Minh-ha

1989,108 minutes, Colour, 16mm


-- open air screening -- Deptford Market Square


Trinh T. Minh-ha’s profoundly personal documentary explores the role of Vietnamese women historically and in contemporary society. Using dance, printed texts, folk poetry and the words and experiences of Vietnamese women in Vietnam—from both North and South—and the United States, Trinh’s film challenges official culture with the voices of women.


“Keenly intelligent, sensuously multi-layered…Emotionally, the film leaves you with the courage and persistent strength of Vietnamese women.”


Stuart Klawans

The hustleR

by Robert Rossen 

1961, 135 minutes, b/w, Digital

-- Shades Snooker and Pool Hall


The Hustler follows the highs and lows in the career of “Fast” Eddie (Paul Newman), a young passionate pool player attempting to claim his spot as the greatest pool hustler in the country. On his quest to beat legendary pool player, Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason), Eddie must overcome a loss of luck, failed confidence and a struggling relationship with a lush college girl, Sarah (Piper Laurie), before he can make his way to the top.


by Jules Dassin

1948, 96 minutes, b/w, Digital

-- Gallop Cafe


“There are eight million stories in the Naked City,” as the narrator immortally states at the close of this breathtakingly vivid film—and this is one of them. Master noir craftsman Jules Dassin and newspaperman-cum-producer Mark Hellinger’s dazzling police procedural, The Naked City, was shot entirely on location in New York. As influenced by Italian neorealism as American crime fiction, this double Academy Award winner remains a benchmark for naturalism in noir, living and breathing in the promises and perils of the Big Apple, from its lowest depths to its highest skyscrapers.


by Akira Kurosawa

1949, 122 minutes, b/w, Digital

-- Gallop Cafe



A bad day gets worse for young detective Murakami when a pickpocket steals his gun on a hot, crowded bus. Desperate to right the wrong, he goes undercover, scavenging Tokyo’s sweltering streets for the stray dog whose desperation has led him to a life of crime. With each step, cop and criminal’s lives become more intertwined and the investigation becomes an examination of Murakami’s own dark side. Starring Toshiro Mifune, as the rookie cop, and Takashi Shimura, as the seasoned detective who keeps him on the right side of the law, Stray Dog (Nora Inu) goes beyond a crime thriller, probing the squalid world of postwar Japan and the nature of the criminal mind.

THE harder they come

by Harry Penzell

1973, 120 minutes, Colour, Digital

-- Honey's 



Reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff is Ivan, a rural Jamaican musician who journeys to the city of Kingston in search of fame and fortune. Pushed to desperate circumstances by shady record producers and corrupt cops, he finally achieves notoriety—as a murderous outlaw. Boasting some of the greatest music ever produced in Jamaica, The Harder They Come brought the catchy and subversive rhythms of the Rastas to the U.S. in the early 1970s.

eat drink man woman

by Ang Lee

1994, 124 minutes, Colour, Digital

-- Deli-X



This year marks the 20th anniversary of Ang Lee’s critically acclaimed EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN, a story of master Chinese chef Mr. Chu, his three daughters and their Sunday night dinners. Each week, the family meal quickly turns into an “announcement” session, where Confucian traditions meet and clash with modern love and the unpredictability of life.

           One year, 2014, we, 'Ingrid' as we began and still are, had a couple of friends ask us, Aaron and Marco, a couple too as we were then, if we'd like to join them in programming some films for New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival. We said yeah sure and we were then and are now Deptford locals so we set about organising amongst ourselves these site specific free film screenings up and down Deptford High Street. We asked Joy who runs Honey's 'what film?' and Joy said 'The Harder They Come!' so we showed that there facing out onto the high street. Shades the pool and snooker hall was easier, we knew we wanted to show 'The Hustler' there. But then it turns out that Shades was once a cinema along time ago and that makes the story more and so we began...